eFoil First Flight

eFoil First Flight

Your Essential Pre-Lesson Guide

This pre-flight checklist will help you make the most of your upcoming eFoil lesson:

TIMING: Our lessons feature 30 minutes of on-shore training and an exhilarating 60-minute session on the water. For groups of one or two patrons, plan for 90 minutes. For groups of three or four patrons, plan for 2.5 hours. You’ll enjoy your 30 minute ground school together, and then share 2 eFoil boards on the water for up to 2 hours. Each patron will average 60 minutes on the water.

EXPECTATION: While learning to eFoil varies for each individual, some get the hang of it within their first lesson, and others need a couple of sessions. Most riders will have fun right away, whether or not they are comfortably foiling. We’re excited to help you discover the thrill and freedom of soaring above the water on an eFoil!


  • Minimum age is 14.
  • Ages under 18 must have an adult guardian present at all times.
  • Maximum rider weight is 250 pounds. 
  • Participants are not allowed to use the eFoil boards if they have consumed any alcohol within 24 hours or are otherwise impaired. (Being under the influence and operating any motorize vessel is a severe violation of state and federal law.)
  • Please ensure you are healthy and well. Please, no open sores. Please, no recent shoulder, hip, knee, back, or neck injuries. If you have questions on your ability to eFoil, check with your doctor first.
  • Our fees do not include state park entrance fees. Our lesson location is NOT inside a state park fee area.

YOUR BOOKING: Double-check that you’ve received a confirmation email or text from us, including the accurate date, time, and type of lesson. If you haven’t, please reach out to us to confirm.

SIGN THE LIABILITY WAIVER: Complete the online waiver using our trusted document provider, Smart Waiver. Access the waiver through this link, which will open in a new window.

REVIEW FAQs: Be sure to review some of our most frequently asked questions here.

KNOW THE LESSON LOCATION: We are 50 minutes from Salt Lake City, 30 minutes from Provo, and 30 minutes from Park City. You’ll want to be on time and ready to go at the start of your lesson time. Ensure you know where you’re going in advance of your lesson. The lesson location is at Deer Creek Reservoir in Heber City. This address will take you to the right spot on Google Maps: 3750 3600 W. Heber City UT 84032. We’re NOT INSIDE ANY OF THE STATE PARK ENTRANCES. We are located on 3600 W (HWY 113), just north of Hwy 189. We are at the same location as the Uinta Kiting Training Location. Park perpendicular to the livestock gates to ensure plenty of parking for all guests. Look for our Adventure Elevated feather flags.

WATCH THE WEATHER: We will be watching for weather and wind incidents. But it helps if you’re watching, too. If poor weather or high wind is predicted during your lesson time, please be flexible. Sometimes poor weather creeps up quickly and unexpectedly. Your safety is our first priority, and weather delays can happen at any time– even if you’re already on your way or arrived at the training location. We may need to push your lesson time 20 minutes later, or even a couple of hours later. We may even need to completely reschedule your lesson for another day. If WE cancel or cut a lesson short due to weather, we will offer to reschedule your lesson. If there is light rain with no lightening and no high wind anticipated, we may still get out and play. If you do not show up, and we have not cancelled your lesson, you may be ineligible for a refund. 

WETSUITS: If you have your own wetsuit, we encourage you to bring it. We try to provide 4/3mm wetsuits in traditional sizes if the water temperature at Deer Creek Reservoir is colder than 72 degrees Fahrenheit. We do try to sanitize previously worn wetsuits in between lessons, but it is not guaranteed. 

ALGAE BLOOMS: Our access to Deer Creek Reservoir is occasionally impacted by algae blooms. You may need to walk through 10-15 feet of shallow algae bloom when entering the water. We do not hang out in the algae and quickly make our way out into cleaner waters. If you are sensitive to algae blooms or have open sores or cuts, we recommend you cancel your appointment. We are not liable for illness due to algae bloom.

PACK THESE ITEMS: We will have your equipment, but you may want to bring:

  • water
  • snack (i.e. granola bars, apple)
  • sunscreen
  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • long sleeve rashguard/ shirt
  • wetsuit if you have one
  • water shoes or water-proof sandals that strap on to walk to the water’s edge.
  • a bag or backpack to keep your valuables in
  • a FRIEND! eFoiling is fun in and of itself. Adding friends to your group lesson makes it double the fun!

GROUP SESSION: You can add friends to your eFoil lesson up to the day of your lesson. Up to four people can be part of one group lesson. Groups of 3+ people will share two eFoil boards on the water for up to 2 hours, with each patron getting at least 1 hour on the water.

WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEOS: Maximize your time on the water by watching the training videos below beforehand. They cover essential pointers you’ll want to know before hitting the water.

CAPTURE THE ACTION (optional): Bring your own waterproof action camera to record your eFoil experience. Our boards and helmets are compatible with various GoPro and Insta360 mounts, ensuring you won’t miss a single exciting moment. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for one of our video packages, we’ll take care of the filming for you.

DON’T RUSH IT: Everyone learns at their own pace. Focus on having fun and honing your skills as you progress.

Keep it Fun - be Safe

On the water - Your First Ride

Over the water - Your First Flight