eFoiling Frequently Asked Questions:

Our licensing and insurance currently only allows us to rent eFoils on Deer Creek Reservoir.  The best way to experience eFoils is through a guided lesson, where you will learn -- most importantly-- how to fall safely. You'll also learn how to safely transport, charge, and connect your board. Buying an eFoil is also an option-- they start at $8K. Once you have your own eFoil, you are obviously free to use them wherever you want. Unless you're buying a pre-owned board, you'll want to plan ahead. New board purchases can take 4-8 weeks for delivery.  

Learning to eFoil is quite safe compared to other water sports. During a lesson, we require all participants to wear a lifejacket and helmet, take a safety briefing at the start of each lesson, and always have an instructor nearby. You'll learn how to fall properly into the water as needed, to let go of the throttle, and simply swim back to the board, climb on, and keep going!


Is the board stable? - The eFoil's weight makes for a stable board and ride. The eFoil is about six feet long and has a lot of area on which to stand. When you get the board planing on the surface of the water, it becomes extremely stable, making it easy to adjust your stance. These qualities allow riders to be able to stand confidently and feel what it's like to fly in a controlled manner to achieve sustained flight.


Controller - A significant component of learning to eFoil is getting comfortable with the controller and developing the muscle memory to maintain a steady speed. Once you can set 'cruise control' on the controller, the board becomes an even stabler platform. For most people, having the ability to control the speed via the Bluetooth controller makes the rider more comfortable and provides a greater sense of control, as the rider can adjust according to how he or she feels on the fly.

eFoiling is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master. In either case, it is always FUN! Most riders begin on bellies, then advance to knees, and then feet. Most beginner students of eFoil lessons are standing up and riding within one to two hours. Athletically gifted students can be up and riding on their feet in as little as ten minutes.

For lessons, we follow manufacturer recommendations for safety and insurance requirements. Age 14 is the recommended minimum age. Ages under 18 must have an adult guardian present at all times. There is no minimum weight. The upper weight limit is 250 lbs.

The Board - The board is the main component of the eFoil. They are 4 to 6 feet in length and about 2 feet in width. They're typically made of carbon or fiberglass, and can be upwards of 30 pounds. Newer boards come with handles to make them easier to transport. The board provides the buoyancy needed to keep the rider afloat.

The Controller - The handheld controller is used to operate the eFoil. It typically features a throttle that allows the rider to control the speed of the board. The controller is waterproof and connects via bluetooth to your eFoil's motor. A big component of learning to eFoil is getting comfortable with the controller and developing the muscle memory to maintain a steady speed. 

Hydrofoil / Wing - This interchangeable part is mounted below the board and is what boosts the board and creates the flying sensation. Larger wings typically creates slower speeds and higher flight. Smaller wings typically mean more agility and speed.

Electric Motor - The electric motor is the power source for the eFoil. It's typically mounted on the hydrofoil and connected to a propeller that provides thrust.

Battery - The battery provides the electricity needed to power the electric motor. It's typically located in a waterproof compartment on the board and can provide several hours of ride time per charge. Batteries can be 20-40 pounds in addition to the weight of the board.

Safety Features - Most eFoils also come equipped with safety features such as automatic shutoff and emergency stop buttons to help prevent accidents and injuries.

The answer to this question depends on three variables: battery make, rider weight and wing size. Cheaper batteries don't last nearly as long, so we've invested in upgraded batteries. For lighter riders, the battery tends to last a bit longer. For larger wings, which are best for beginners, there is a bit more battery power used. For an adult averaging 180 lbs, the eFoil will last roughly 2.5 hours on a medium, high aspect wing.

We have developed a step-by-step lesson program that we coach you through until you attain flight! Our goal is to help you build a strong base and confidence, as well as minimize crashing.

We'll typically start by teaching you how to control the throttle and have you ride around on the board on your stomach. When you're comfortable riding around on your stomach, you'll move to your knees and ride around like that. Then, we'll get you to your feet, standing tall while riding with the board still in the water. The next stage is when you break the board free and begin getting short flights. Finally, we teach you how to fly in a sustained and relaxed manner, as well as to execute turns on the board.

This is one of the most common questions we get. Don't worry! The controller floats! There is also a strap on it that keeps it in your hand in the case of a fall.

eFoils are an amazing addition to any watersport lover. But is a purchase that should be done thoughtfully. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers equip us to deliver the latest technology and the best eFoil products. We are proud vendors for both FOIL and LIFT machines-- the best options on the market-- and would love to help you navigate the process of buying and owning your own. We can help you pick the appropriate board size, wing size, battery, etc., show you how to put it together with tips and tricks we've learned, and more. In fact, you'll get a better deal through us than ordering direct from manufacturers because of manufacturer's incentives we're able to offer. If you are considering a purchase, contact us or visit our showroom located at our partner, Gravity Coalition, in Midway UT.

All eFoil riders will be provided with a helmet and lifejacket. It can also be helpful to wear a rash-guard, as it acts as a layer of protection to the skin. You may also prefer to wear or rent one of our wetsuits as it can protect you from extended stays in colder water.

An eFoil can reach speeds of over 30 mph, but you're in control of the pace with the handheld controller. Most students comfortably foil at speeds around 10 to 12 mph.

It's best to have over 5 feet of water depth.

We will have your equipment, but you may want to bring:

  • water
  • snack (i.e. granola bars, apple)
  • suncreen
  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • long sleeve rashguard/ shirt
  • wetsuit if you have one. (We provide wetsuits in all traditional sizes if water temperature is colder than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • water shoes or water-proof sandals that strap on to walk to the water's edge.
  • a bag or backback to keep your valuables in
  • a FRIEND! eFoiling is fun in and of itself. Adding friends to your group lesson makes it double the fun!

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge an eFoil battery. We have spare batteries we can switch out throughout the day. While one is in use, another is getting charged. When purchasing an eFoil, we also recommend purchasing a spare battery.